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Perea Preschool

Perea Charter School takes a ‘mindful moment’ with students to help their emotional well-being

Local 24 |
May 2020

The pandemic has changed just about everything with the way students learn. And it has little ones processing their emotions a little differently.

The Healthy Lifestyle Curriculum

The Atlantic |
Feb 2017

At Perea Preschool in Memphis, Tennessee, lesson plans come with a heaping portion of nutrition.

Perea Preschool preps Klondike’s future

High Ground News |
Jan 2017

As the Klondike neighborhood in North Memphis is facing several educational challenges, Perea Preschool is working to create a foundation of learning for students and their parents.

Volunteers Give Back To Local Preschool

Local 24 |
Jun 2016

The sound of joy; cheers and claps from Perea Preschool students. So what has the students so excited? The children have been using Mother Earth in the past for playtime as their playground.

Nexstar Founder’s Day Of Caring: Perea Preschool

Local 24 |
Jun 2016

“There are two unique things about Perea. Okay. And, one of those things is the parent involvement and the parent engagement,” principal Alicia Norman said.

Memphis tries rooting out childhood trauma to improve health

PBS News Hour |
Apr 2016

Childhood trauma such as abuse, neighborhood violence or the death of a parent has been found to lead to dire health and social problems later in life. How can communities intervene to spare future generations the same pain and illness?