Get the Shot! Puhleaase VACCINATE

Perea Elementary students are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated and follow healthy guidance to stop the spread of COVID.

November 29, 2021, MEMPHIS, TN — To address the need for increased Covid-19 vaccinations within our community, Ms. LaChelle Walker, retired educator with 30+ years’ experience and current Reading Interventionist at the Schools of Perea, created an original song for our students to encourage all to vaccinate. The PSA video features our Kindergarten – 3rd grade students spreading a positive message to wash your hands, sanitize, wear your mask to ensure we are safe and most importantly, GET THE SHOT!

As the holidays are quickly approaching and family and friends will be spending time together, we want to inspire our community to vaccinate to lessen the likelihood of the positivity rate spiking.

Please share this special PSA video on your various platforms as we collectively work to eradicate this pandemic.

We Must Stay Safe PSA Video

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Deadre Ussery: 901-208-9136

Perea Elementary School, public charter school, was founded in 2018 in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Shelby County, TN with a mission to elevate social-emotional health (SEH) to the same level of importance as academic instruction. Our mission is to prepare all students academically, socially, and emotionally for success by creating and maintaining a classroom and school environment that is student-centered, with high academic expectations and where all students feel welcomed, appreciated, and valued.