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The SEL Clinicanis a key member of Schools of Perea leadership team, coaching and developing the social and emotional focus within the Elementary School and Preschool.
The Finance and Operations Coordinator will help ensure that a high level of service is provided to all stakeholder vendors, families, and staff, while also doing whatever is needed on the ground to ensure SOP’s success.
Under the general supervision of the Principal, the teacher is responsible to facilitate student success and growth in academic and interpersonal skills through implementing the core curriculum.
Under the general supervision of the Principal, the teacher is responsible to facilitate student success and growth in academic and interpersonal skills through implementing the core curriculum.

Executive Director

Position Description: The Executive Director of Schools of Perea is responsible for providing leadership to the schools and its stakeholders, achieving school board goals, leading development of SEL + academic program integration, developing an increasingly strong leadership team, and serving as a strong advocate for the school’s core values. The Executive Director will report to the Board Chair. The position includes the responsibilities of ensuring financial stability and proper budget management. The Executive Director will manage risk, maintain accountability, support a positive public image and cultivate support within the community.

Position Responsibilities

Vision and Strategy
Champion of Vision

  • Brings recommendations for schoolwide policy changes to the board in collaboration with and on behalf of the leadership team
  • Makes hiring, retention, and development decisions for the SoP leadership team
  • Models decision-making techniques that include the acquisition of appropriate information, appropriate problem analysis, and the development of credible options that are explored before selecting the option most likely to succeed
  • Prepares everyone in the organization to be a leader and effective decision-maker and prepares individuals to become formal position leaders

Establishing and Monitoring the Academic Program, SEH Program, and School Culture

  • Sets high expectations and standards for the academic and social development of all students and the performance of adults
  • Establishes a vision and corresponding goals for staff in the development, adoption, evaluation, and modification of an effective program of student behavior and discipline that promotes safety, social well-being, and higher achievement
  • Works with staff, students, parents, and community to establish and maintain an effective culture and safe climate that supports improved organizational performance and higher student achievement

Leadership and Membership of Teams

  • Leads or delegates the leadership of all teams within the school and establishes and maintains a program of training necessary to prepare all members of the staff, students, and selected members of the community to work effectively on teams to promote and ensure higher levels of performance and achievement
  • Serves as the chair of the Leadership Team and as a member of all school-level team
  • Together with the principal, provides for the monitoring, development, and evaluation of team leaders and team performances
  • Supervises and evaluates all members of the leadership team and is responsible for the effective performance of all personnel

Personal and Professional Relations

  • Establishes and maintains effective two-way communications with external stakeholders regarding perceptions, expectations, and results. Unless there are legal implications, the principal manages communications with SoP families.

Accountability for Results

  • Modifies the organization design to better accomplish performance goals
  • Actively engages external stakeholders to create shared responsibility for student and school success
  • In partnership with the principal, assumes responsibility for the administration of the existing programs and services and for the expansion and maintenance of student enrollment


  • In partnership with the Board Chair, leads on the SoP charter authorization responsibilities and acts as the MSCS/authorizer liaison/point of contact

Progress Toward and Completion of Annual and Long Term Goals

  • Progress toward and the completion of annual goals is reported quarterly to the Board and, as needed, external stakeholders
  • Progress toward and the completion of long-term goals is reported semiannually to the Board and, as needed, external stakeholders
  • Supports and facilitates the work of each member of the leadership team toward the completion of their individual and team goals


  • Serves as an ex officio member of all board committees, including Personnel, Finance, Curriculum, Discipline and Safety, Audit, and Policy, as well as any others formed by the board
  • Keeps the board apprised of all courses of study, supporting materials and supplies, programs, personnel, policies, upgraded and new facilities, and the expenditures necessary to support those recommendations ●
  • Serves as a representative of the school on any local, state, and regional councils, boards, and bodies so approved by the board
  • Participates in the board’s annual leadership succession and sustainability planning process

Effective and Integrated Governance

  • Cooperates with the board chair or designee and committee chairpersons in the preparation of agenda and materials for board meetings
  • Shares appropriate information with the board within an appropriate time period to support board deliberations and decision making
  • In partnership with the principal, leads and coordinates all efforts by the staff to follow up board decisions and requests
  • Reports all pertinent performance information to the board for its use in discussions and decision making
  • Participates in the self-assessment and professional development of the board

Budget and Finance

  • Develops and implements the budget in conjunction with stakeholders to protect the public’s investment in the school and to meet the educational and social-emotional needs of all students and staff
  • Ties multi-year performance improvement and pupil achievement improvement to annual budget preparation and specific line items
  • Meets all calendar deadlines required by the local board, LEA, and the state related to the development, adoption, and implementation of a budget
  • Oversees the management of budget and financial accounting processes
  • Oversees the annual realignment of programs, expenses, personnel, and structures to ensure the most effective and efficient use of resources

Legal and Administrative Obligations

  • Accepts fiduciary responsibility for all program-related funding and expenditures
  • Interprets and supervises the application of all laws, regulations, policies, and procedures pertinent to the operation of the school
  • Utilizes knowledge of laws, regulations, policies, and procedures pertinent to the operation of the school to creatively solve problems and support the attainment of the vision, goals, and other targets

Attributes of an Excellent Candidate

Mindsets & Leadership Style

  • Models a personal belief system that is based on honesty, trustworthiness, unselfishness, and lifelong learning.
  • Acts ethically and professionally at all times
  • A belief in, and commitment to, the mission, core values, and learning approach of Schools of Perea
  • Highly organized, with an orientation toward detail and planning

Competencies & Qualifications

  • A Master’s degree, with at least (3) years of Executive Directorship experience as head of a division or school, or principal at a charter, traditional public, or independent school
  • Leadership experience in an elementary and/or middle school — experience leading in a school with a diverse or low-income/high-needs student population is a plus
  • Success managing and coaching faculty/staff, and experience building strong school and team cultures
  • Demonstrated success in developing, implementing, and evaluating instructional curriculum
  • Experience hiring and coaching a diverse leadership staff
  • Partnered with or led an ambitious effort from the ground up; thrives in environments that are
  • constantly changing and comfortable with ambiguity
  • Familiarity with Memphis education landscape is a plus

How to Apply

Interested applicants may apply by sending a resume and cover letter to pereaedsearch@kaposhconsulting.com