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To apply for this position, send you cover letter and resume to our office

The SEL Clinicanis a key member of Schools of Perea leadership team, coaching and developing the social and emotional focus within the Elementary School and Preschool.
The Executive Director will manage risk, maintain accountability, support a positive public image and cultivate support within the community.
The Finance and Operations Coordinator will help ensure that a high level of service is provided to all stakeholder vendors, families, and staff, while also doing whatever is needed on the ground to ensure SOP’s success.
Under the general supervision of the Principal, the teacher is responsible to facilitate student success and growth in academic and interpersonal skills through implementing the core curriculum.

Art Teacher

Position Description: Under the general supervision of the Principal, the teacher is responsible to facilitate student success and growth in academic and interpersonal skills through implementing the core curriculum.

Essential Functions:

  • Design and present instructional experiences that are developmentally appropriate for all students and meet them at their points of development.
  • Nurture creative and mental growth for all children grades kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • Cultivate caring and cooperative attitudes among young artists.
  • Teach good craftsmanship in a wide variety of materials, processes, techniques, and skills including drawing, painting, printmaking, fibers, and sculpture.
  • Encourage children to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas while increasing visual literacy.
  • Expect students to recognize, define, identify, utilize, and analyze the seven elements of art in their work and in the work of others.
  • Relate the interdisciplinary connection of art to math, reading, music, dance, drama, science, social studies, and history across cultures and time.
  • Provide opportunities to study famous art and visit local museums as possible.
  • Provide guidance and instructional experiences that are academically and developmentally appropriate for each student,
  • Develop a literate and informed student body in the visual arts,
  • Provide skills and knowledge directly applicable to further specialized study and participation.
  • Provide understanding and attitudes which will allow children to perceive and respond to the aesthetic qualities in the visual arts.
  • Provide experiences which clearly define and demonstrate the interrelationship of visual art elements.
  • Provide art instruction for students in Kindergarten through grade 5.
  • Instruct, inspire and help students express themselves through art.
  • Provide a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge of art theory, color theory, design, art history and other art-related subjects.
  • Communicate the level of student achievement and progress toward established classroom, school and state standards to parents.
  • Ensure that students’ conduct conforms with the standards and policies at Schools of Perea and establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom.
  • Coordinate with grade level teachers, to evaluate and access curriculum to support and work cross-curricularly.
  • Participate in professional development opportunities, staff meetings, committees and school wide events.
  • Prepare and maintain accurate and complete records as required by law and school policy.
  • Follow State Education Department Regulations.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Principal

All employees of the Schools of Perea are expected to demonstrate:

  • A commitment to the vision and mission of the school
  • Acceptance, appreciation and respect for cultural diversity
  • A commitment to continuous professional growth
  • A commitment to work cooperatively and effectively with other staff members
  • A sense of flexibility in working with an expanding school
  • A commitment and passion for improving the education of children
  • The ability to reflect on one’s own performance

Skills and Abilities:

  • Must have experience working with school-age children in a structured setting
  • Must obtain a clear background check through fingerprinting
  • Must be able to follow oral and written instructions
  • Must be available for meetings and trainings outside working hours as needed
  • Must have the ability to reflect on one’s own performance
  • Must be committed to work the full school year and summer as needed
  • Must be able to interact positively with others individually and in teams
  • Must be sensitive to each family’s values, beliefs, traditions and cultural influences

While this description summarizes the core functions of the long term / day-to-day substitute, other duties may be assigned based on the Schools’ needs.


  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Tennessee teacher licensure with appropriate endorsement strongly preferred
  • Minimum 1 year of teaching experience preferred
  • Commitment to the mission and vision of Schools of Perea
  • Working knowledge of computer processes and platforms used in educational settings

Hours and Compensation:

  • Monday through Friday according to the Schools of Perea calendar 7:30am–3:45pm
  • Competitive compensation as well as a full-suite of benefits including medical, dental, vision, retirement, and life insurance with employer contributions

How to Apply

Interested applicants may apply by sending a resume and cover letter to